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Silver Bullet Consulting offers services to clientele across the globe.  Our firm was formed on the vision of a consulting group that provides the highest level of value to the customer, and where customers are treated as partners. Our purpose is to create an environment that will foster a culture of selflessness and creativity for the betterment of society.

About the President, Wendy Whitworth:


  • I offer functional knowledge:My first BAAN implementation was in 1997; my first Lawson implementation was in 2003
  • I offer an extensive background: Starting in AP & AR for a large Healthcare Corporation, I held various positions including Director Of  Shared Services for a Fortune 500  company; Controller of  a large multinational company
  • I offer expertise: Business Process Improvement, System Implementation, ECQ Report Writing, Financial Management
  • I offer a customer focus: I went independent in 2009 to start a consulting firm based on my own values, where I can offer expertise at a fair rate
  • I offer compassion:I use my business as a platform in which to benefit my community.

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